Wahoo! My card in PCM is out in print. I don't have the copy yet or the original work but that's okay. I know it made it and saw it physically in the store. No, I didn't buy the magazine because I subscribe and they send you a copy or two. So...I am elated to share it now. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Always appreciated!


Kimmy P

Congrats! That's SO exciting! Great Card!

Lorraine Robertson

Well done on your publication...

Happy Independence Day...

Lorraine xxx


Oh Amy, Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness... I love, love, the yummy Vanilla cupcake candle it is heaven. The foot stuff funny that we thought of the same thing. I had a crazy week and I can't wait to use the bath salts, Sauna Masque and hair moisture. and my feet will never look better.
Thank you so much.
love ya
I hope you keep in touch.:)


Congrats! ... very fun card ... love the dimension on the stars.


Big Congratulations!!!
With Kindness,
p.s. i may try to set up a play list also, thank you for the link

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