My blessing in disguise

I am on a mini book kick since finding some older photos after the water damage drama. It was a blessing in disguise. Ever felt this way? I know some people don't believe in karma but I believe strongly and perhaps I am able to justify it in my mind. That's okay for me, because it makes me feel better. For instance, the horrible leaks I wrote about seemed like such a huge ordeal and so unnecessary. However, if the leak had not occurred who knows when I would have organized the room and found the bin of old photos? To me this was a good thing. It also helped settle my mind that the room is now livable. No more shutting the door to hide the mass of clutter. It feels like a storm cloud has drifted away from that corner of the house and now the light is pouring in. J and I sat in there the other day and looked at the photos I found. She seemed to remember most of the moments captured on film. It was amazing! I was a little choked up while viewing some of the pictures from the past. Yet, it was really enjoyable recollecting the people, places, items, etc. It inspired me to make the new mini books so overall, I would say the leak had many positive points. One album I completed was the Jackson family album which I am going to share with you today. This book was seriously delayed by three years? I moved and never unpacked this box until recently. I know that is frightening!Tomorrow is my niece's birthday party so I plan on taking it to give to my parents. How funny that I am sharing this on the Internet before they will ever see it? I will just show a few pages. It's a board book with windows. I used a variety of techniques. I did collage, painting, crackling, and more. A few of the pictures will show this. Without further adieu...



This blog does not due justice to the person who created it or her favorite person "J". Both are very special people who offer so much to society and I am glad all of you are able to see her creativity and hear about them as they progress through their lives. The family album she references is truly something special for a couple reasons. First, she captured small pieces of time that they helped make fun, special, and memorable. Secondly, she demonstrated once again her skills of being able to take 40 pieces of things and turning them into a WOW.
Now you too will be able to see and hear about this wonderful talented person I know as my daughter and continue to be amazed with.
Amy's Proud Dad

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