J-bird and surprise

What a glorious Monday I had today! I was on the go. J finally got into JSSA! Yahoo! I am so excited! We have been on the wait list for a while. They have social groups for children with Autism. I have seen such growth in her the past few months. I know this will really assist her with the transition into her new middle school and daily life situations. J-bird you are everything to me and always will be my number one priority. I love you my DD and am so tickled that you still want to cuddle with me, ask me to scratch your back, grab my hand when we cross a street, and consistently tell me you love me daily.

On another grand note! My friend Tiffany and I were swap partners for the favorite things swap and I wanted to share this fab altered tin she made for me. I love the colors black and white! She filled with it awesome pedicure items! We both are flip flop wearers and agree my feet are often neglected. :-) She also sent me red vines which are yummy! Thank you Tiffany! I can't wait to devote some time to using those pedicure products.


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