MMM and J-Bird's favorite meal

I arrived home from work to find my MMM package from Pam. Take a look at all the fantastic items she sent me. She totally spoils me. :-) She sent me some coasters to alter (can't wait to alter these!) a BG paper pack (love this patterned paper!), rub-on's (white rub-on's which I needed so badly!), ribbon (with trim, polka dots, and stripes! too cute!), and a SEI Happy word book. I have never made one of these so it will be so fun! Thank you Pam! Can't wait to get started!

She made this black and white card too! I love it Pam! My favorite colors!
See you can make cards! Darn good ones too!

Jacquelynn cooked her favorite meal tonight Macaroni and Cheese. She loves this stuff. I am happy she knows how to cook!
I was camera happy tonight and took photos of J. I wanted to get shots of her doing everyday activities. So, I whipped the camera out for random shots which she was not thrilled with. She asked me to stop and I did before I annoyed her. I did manage to get a few cute ones!


Back 2 School

The stores are gearing up with school supplies and clothes. I am not sure if I am ready or not. More importantly, if Jacquelynn is ready for her new school. I know we have a month but I have begun collecting supplies and clothes for school. It all started when J and I were in Target and she saw the new school lunch boxes. Despite the fact that we already have four between the two of us, she wanted the Little Miss Sunshine one. She began her love for the Mr. Men show about two months ago. Back 2 school mode has kicked in.
I made a card with the new Scenic Route Appleton collection. I based it on Laura's #5 sketch at 2 Sketches 4 You.


50th Post and CPS 75

Wow! I made it to 50 posts already! I started this blog in May and was not certain if I would continue to keep up with it. I have surprised myself with the motivation to keep on top of it ~well for the most part! ;-) It's been therapeutic for me and inspires me to create regularly. Thanks for stopping by to read my entries and view my work.
Now on to the new challenge at CPS this week.

Supplies Used:

October Afternoon Papers
Making Memories Eyelets
AC Mini Marks Rub-On
Hemp twine
Pop Dots
SU Creamy Caramel Ink


CPS Reader Spotlight

What an honor to be chosen for the Spotlight on CPS! If you love cards then you have to hop on over to this site because the best of the best are there sharing stunning cards and yummy eye candy!
Thank you Linda for selecting me!


My blessing in disguise

I am on a mini book kick since finding some older photos after the water damage drama. It was a blessing in disguise. Ever felt this way? I know some people don't believe in karma but I believe strongly and perhaps I am able to justify it in my mind. That's okay for me, because it makes me feel better. For instance, the horrible leaks I wrote about seemed like such a huge ordeal and so unnecessary. However, if the leak had not occurred who knows when I would have organized the room and found the bin of old photos? To me this was a good thing. It also helped settle my mind that the room is now livable. No more shutting the door to hide the mass of clutter. It feels like a storm cloud has drifted away from that corner of the house and now the light is pouring in. J and I sat in there the other day and looked at the photos I found. She seemed to remember most of the moments captured on film. It was amazing! I was a little choked up while viewing some of the pictures from the past. Yet, it was really enjoyable recollecting the people, places, items, etc. It inspired me to make the new mini books so overall, I would say the leak had many positive points. One album I completed was the Jackson family album which I am going to share with you today. This book was seriously delayed by three years? I moved and never unpacked this box until recently. I know that is frightening!Tomorrow is my niece's birthday party so I plan on taking it to give to my parents. How funny that I am sharing this on the Internet before they will ever see it? I will just show a few pages. It's a board book with windows. I used a variety of techniques. I did collage, painting, crackling, and more. A few of the pictures will show this. Without further adieu...


Love me some Webster's Pages

I know yesterday's blog was a bit long so today keeping it short and showing just cards! I can't get enough of this amazing paper. Terri Conrad's designs are so incredible! With that said, here's some cards I made with her paper. Thank you to those of you that sent me a private message with applause and kind words. It really made my day to read. Much love and creativity to you!


Part 3 and finale in ending a bad relationship

Well, the last time I posted about the "bad relationship" was quite some time ago. I spent some time reflecting on my past and why the relationship became so bad. And just how did it affect me so intensely? For a long time I thought that I was a "good person" because I worked as a teacher in the church. What a false sense of security I had. I discovered that the very place I was trying to save myself for was also the same place that was dragging me deeper into the depths of depression. How can this be? I became enslaved to a career and life that never embraced my true family, my true life. I was trying to make so many parents happy and show them that their child was going to excel that it engulfed me and I lost touch with my own child. For this aspect, I was deeply troubled that I pushed aside my child for so many months. A child with needs that were begging to be met. She craved my time and yet I was busy with some other child she never met. I thought that it made me a great teacher. I thought I was being a great Mom because I was spreading my care and love to others and really trying to make a difference. Can I just tell you that some parents truly don't want to to spend time with their child reading, playing, teaching daily life skills? They want teachers to do everything from potty training to academics. Kudos to those exceptional parents that showed such dedication to raising their child. And the worst part about the whole thing is... gulp.... I am also one of those parents that fell into a self absorbed world of myself. No, I was not out having coffee or shopping to avoid my child unlike several of my parents. Instead I was focused on how to get that one student to learn to say "y", or show how gravity works, or develop fine motor skills, and so on. It became a daily challenge to find a way to connect to each of my students. All the while, my daughter was asking for me to come watch a movie, see the cartoon she made, listen to her play the piano, etc. When it all came down and boy did it fall down hard on me, I was ashamed and saddened that I had become the very parent I had always despised. How could it be? No! Yet, I searched deep into my heart and I knew that I had neglected J. But alas, that is over! I had to leave teaching to make myself a better person, to make me a better Mom, to make me a better friend, to make me a better partner. Thus the bad relationship is over. The end and I see it for what it is, what is was. Most importantly, I now know that it was part of a bigger picture. Thank you to those I worked with but the utmost appreciation goes to my darling daughter whom never gave up on asking me to join in the fun with her. J and I are spending more time together than ever. As I look over at her while typing this post, all I can say is she is truly amazing. The past three months have been the greatest! She is completely changed, as am I!
So long to that "bad relationship" as I do not ever want to revisit it again.

On to the creations! Here's the first "Jar of Whimsies" swap completed. I still have to do my other one for MMFY. I did not want to over do it because part of the swap is being able to spy items in the container. It has a little decoration and is filled with all kinds of stuff!

The second is for a Tic Tac Container swap I joined. It's the same concept as the jar but you use a tic tac container and fill with goodies. Here's my partner's. Her name starts with K-hence initial. Thanks for looking!
I have more items to share but no pictures. Perhaps if the weather is clearer tomorrow I can get some shots?
Thank you for coming by! I do really appreciate it and your kind words!


CPS 74 Challenge

A beautiful Sunday in VA here! Thank goodness! Tomorrow I get all the drywall repaired that was damaged by last week's storm. I am so looking forward to gaining the space in the guest bedroom once they are out of there. I am making it my new studio. I am sure J will be delighted to have me out of the kitchen/family area. She is such a great kid and never complains but, I have my stuff all over the kitchen table and I have to shift items to make room for her when I am busy working on a project.
CPS has the new challenge up! I completed mine today while watching all my recorded shows on the DVR. This one uses Webster's Pages and card stock stickers (I love Terri's paper!)Autumn Leaves stamp, Making Memories fibers, Darice rhinestones, and a journaling block from Anna Griffin. Thank you for taking the time out to look! I appreciate it!


Sweet Saturday!

Another weekend is here! I have not been able to post as much as I would like since the disastrous leaks consumed my time during the evenings. J and I have been busy running around as usual. We had a great time talking though and listening to music. I made a LO earlier this week for MMFY with pictures of J from my brother's wedding.
Off to get some errands completed. Have a great weekend!


That's a serious problem

Well, I knew it was bound to happen. I guess if you worry enough in time it will occur. Yes, the dreaded roof is leaking! Not in one or two places but three! AHHHHHHHH! That was me last night screaming. I can't believe my house is a little over two years old and it has this issue. I went up in the attic today and noticed that several bright lights were visible by ventilation pipes,exhaust pipes, etc. What the dickens! I was completely ticked off! Centex is coming out tomorrow AM to take a look and I have also called three additional companies to come out and give me a resolution. I fear Centex will say it's not a building error but an act of God. Well let me tell you, I noticed multiple places in the roof that were not sealed properly. Deep breath. I am off to take J to an appointment.
Tomorrow is a day full people coming in and out of my house. Therefore, I won't have much time to create.
I do have one project to share. This is an altered wooden sign I bought a while back. I painted it with Making Memories paint and then covered it Crate paper. I distressed the entire sign and added Heidi Swapp chipboard and journal tab, Making Memories fibers, and some craft buttons. Thanks for looking!


Happy Friday!

So happy it's Friday! Today is my nephew's 5th birthday! I recently spent some time with him and we had a blast playing with his cool racetrack. I forgot how kids like to make your choices. He thought the blue car was best for me and the orange car was better for him because it was "sparkly". Too cute! Happy Birthday Jack!

This card is for the 2 Sketches 4 You challenge this week. Pink Paislee paper and Making Memories ribbons. Thank you for stopping by my blog!
Kazan's Sketch:

My take:


Where have all the flowers gone?

My lawn mower ate them. No more daisies to look at. The grass is now short and my neighbors are waving and smiling at me again. Sweet huh?
Okay one card for you. Love my Sassafras Lass papers. Just can't seem to get enough of this paper.


J-bird and surprise

What a glorious Monday I had today! I was on the go. J finally got into JSSA! Yahoo! I am so excited! We have been on the wait list for a while. They have social groups for children with Autism. I have seen such growth in her the past few months. I know this will really assist her with the transition into her new middle school and daily life situations. J-bird you are everything to me and always will be my number one priority. I love you my DD and am so tickled that you still want to cuddle with me, ask me to scratch your back, grab my hand when we cross a street, and consistently tell me you love me daily.

On another grand note! My friend Tiffany and I were swap partners for the favorite things swap and I wanted to share this fab altered tin she made for me. I love the colors black and white! She filled with it awesome pedicure items! We both are flip flop wearers and agree my feet are often neglected. :-) She also sent me red vines which are yummy! Thank you Tiffany! I can't wait to devote some time to using those pedicure products.


CPS Challenge

CPS Challenge #72
I used primarily AC supplies for this card.
Spring & Summer Line- Teapot, Cumcumber Snadwiches, and Preserves
MiniMarks Rub- On's
Marvy circle punches
Embroidery Floss
Darice Rhinestones

Thanks for coming by!



Wahoo! My card in PCM is out in print. I don't have the copy yet or the original work but that's okay. I know it made it and saw it physically in the store. No, I didn't buy the magazine because I subscribe and they send you a copy or two. So...I am elated to share it now. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Always appreciated!