Is it Halloween yet?

Everywhere I look I see signs of Halloween. J has not started school yet so it's a little hard to envision so early but the stores are stocking up on decor. I happen to love Halloween so when I found the MM Spellbound paper I was ecstatic! I can't wait to see more companies Fall papers.
This week's sketch 2S4U was quite unique. The DT has really fantastic interpretations on the sketch. You have to take a peak. Amazing talent! I just can't seem to feel like mine compares but yet I am sharing it.


CPS Challenge

I manage to get to the LSS and found the new MM Spellbound papers. I am using them for this week's challange at CPS. Another fun design sketch! Here's mine!
MM Spellbound Paper; Sugarloaf Stamp; Black Velvet ribbon; and floss.

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Monday, Momday

First- Happy Birthday Simon! Love you and hope you had a great birthday! :-)

Home again and hoping tomorrow will be better physically than today. Only good news is I did get the 2S4Y #7 done.
When I went to Fredtown, I stopped by the LSS and they had the new Pink Paislee lines! Oh joy! I was pretty happy to see the paper, stamps, topsiders, and more in person. I like that they sell the new 8x8 variety paper packs. I picked up the Vintage Moon and of course when I got home last night I was ready to dive into the bag and make something. Unfortunately I was not feeling so well and knew it would be futile to try and create. So, I waited and today was not as productive as I would have liked, but I did manage to make a card. I had to try something with the new items I bought. Here's the take on Kazan's #7 sketch. I love this design she created. I kept my card simple in an attempt to try and meet the previous post challenge I wrote. It seems once you say you are going to do it a certain way, it never happens that way. At least for me. ;-)
Anyhow, here is my card for this week. Tomorrow has to be better. I know it will be!


Finally Friday

Crappy day equals crappy creativity. Zero mojo means I need to go do a little relaxing. Hob Nob must be in store. Tomorrow I am taking Simon to Log Cabin to celebrate his birthday. Not going to spill his age because he reads this and might get upset with me. :-) We have not had a date night in quite a while. So definitely should be nice to have down time together. I suppose that means I need to rant and rave here to get frustration out so he doesn't have to spend all evening listening to me tell the work incident again. But, I just found out some co-worker(s) read this so not a good idea. You know who you are and that hint you dropped today was the lamest reason for knowledge about my personal life. Of course if I write it on the net, it is public and I chose to share, but just admit you read it on my blog.
One thing to share:altered memo board I made that I thought I might give as a gift but then decided not to.

This is actually very easy to make in a few hours. I did it while watching a really bad wannabe be Napoleon Dynamite movie. Gallery J had it is a kit and I tweaked it to make some personal touches. I added the cork board flower and pen holder from own supplies/ideas.
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MIA on Blog front

Yikes! It's been 5 days since my last post. It's not because I have not been creating. Just have not had time to take pictures for here. I became addicted to a new HBO series called, Generation Kill. I don't know why it intrigues me or captured my interest but it's got it and I had to watch every episode this weekend. It's about a Marine recon team that our government has invested thousands of dollars in to make the best. They are sent to Iraq prewar stages for "recon" purposes and find themselves involved in various hostile encounters which involve "light em' up" actions. This series is not for those easily offended. I think what intrigues me is the chain of command and how the men consistently listen to the Captain, LT, Captain America, Mr. Potato Head, Godfather, etc. even though they disagree with their strategies. Especially ones that involve civilians being injured or their source of livelihood being destroyed. Although orders are given that everyone is to be viewed as hostile the bravo team's TL has difficulty with innocent people getting hurt. Anyhow, if you have HBO maybe check it out. Not sure whether this is a close recollection of the events taking place over there but it's still intriguing and thankful that we have men fighting for our protection. As I watched the men move into hamlets, I thought what if that was my home? Just imagine waking up one day and then suddenly finding 450 "warriors" if you will surrounding your home. The language barrier is a huge factor with only one interpreter. Okay, I need to stop going on and on.
I did make a couple of cards. The first is for 2S4U card sketch this week. I found some MME paper I forgot I had. Just had to pull it out and work with it. The second card I just made because I had scraps and wanted to create anything I wanted. Thanks for looking!


I must be Simple!!!

what are you Amy? Ummm. I'm Amy and if you know me then you know my daily lifestyle is completely dull, unglorified, but yet filled with fun and usually a little whimsy. So where am I on the spectrum? I don't even know anymore. I think it's a fine act trying to balance life at times. We all wear so many hats. Whether it be parent, boss, friend, partner, etc. Don't you think at times it's amazing how complex we truly are? I am amazed by God's ability to make each one of us unique. I have this crazy vision of him sprinkling genes like a fine sand on his children that makes them whom they are. One tiny granule can make the difference.
Over at MMFY, there's a cool contest going on about simple simplicity or embellishment overload. It kinda started because I said, "I am bringing simple back." and yeah it was to JT's tune. There hangs my head in shame. But more importantly, why would I say this? Because I have seen so much building up with paper crafts that I wondered if one could go back to a simple format. I know some people remember when there were stickers and paper only. Now the choices are endless to what goes and it appears that the industry will continue to make new embellishments because the demand is so high. But, where do I fit in? Some people have a particular style. I used to think I like the simple look. Then I went through a stage where my cards were so bumpy and heavy they did not fit in envies and had to be sent via cushioned packages. Just as style changes and the old becomes new again, I am attempting to return back. To simple that is. Wish me luck because the example I am getting ready to show you is not simple. I made a few cards for Paper Crafts that are simple and it was difficult to not load them up. I think the magazines don't want these highly complicated cards. They want easy instructions and end results in less than 30 minutes. So I am going to try and bring simple back to my style.
Challenge for 2 Sketches 4 You this week:


My name is Amy and I am addicted

to challenges that is. It's like a disease waiting for the new sketch to get posted and then running to my crafting supplies to create something. Oh well, it could be worse. I prefer this over many other vices I could select. Right now it's eating chocolate and then salty foods. Bloating and floating. So new week = new challenges at CPS.

I suggest you pop on over and check out the amazing design teams creations. That DT always has incredible creations. Do you think they ever lose their mojo? I am thinking not!

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