Finally Friday

Crappy day equals crappy creativity. Zero mojo means I need to go do a little relaxing. Hob Nob must be in store. Tomorrow I am taking Simon to Log Cabin to celebrate his birthday. Not going to spill his age because he reads this and might get upset with me. :-) We have not had a date night in quite a while. So definitely should be nice to have down time together. I suppose that means I need to rant and rave here to get frustration out so he doesn't have to spend all evening listening to me tell the work incident again. But, I just found out some co-worker(s) read this so not a good idea. You know who you are and that hint you dropped today was the lamest reason for knowledge about my personal life. Of course if I write it on the net, it is public and I chose to share, but just admit you read it on my blog.
One thing to share:altered memo board I made that I thought I might give as a gift but then decided not to.

This is actually very easy to make in a few hours. I did it while watching a really bad wannabe be Napoleon Dynamite movie. Gallery J had it is a kit and I tweaked it to make some personal touches. I added the cork board flower and pen holder from own supplies/ideas.
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