Happy Dance!

Frankie from MMFY has selected a card I made for the July ezine! You have to check the site out! I am really enjoying all the wonderful people I have met there. There's many threads to read with loads of information to expand your knowledge. Plus challenges! I love challenges! So click the link and check it out!

I did make something today! I was inspired by a swap idea. Below is Becky the Bridezilla. She is a little monster who resides in this altered tin. She is dressed for her big day.
Becky likes: coordinating weddings, bling bling, the color yellow, presents, eating cake, pedicures, manicures, and being the center of attention.
Becky dislikes: Rainy days, the chicken dance, ugly toenails, gaining weight, acne, stinky people, and being second fiddle.


Jessica Rodarte

I love, love, love this. I was giggling reading this. How adorable is your little bride?? :) Way cute.

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