Made it!

2 days into the this teenager thing and all seems well. ;-)
Over at Paper Popsicles, Lynda issued a challenge to repurpose something perhaps bought for the holidays into something new? I bought a bag of Lemax trees at Michael's after Christmas. I thought they might be useful for next year, but when I read Lynda's post... I knew what I wanted to do with them right away. Only problem was getting them the color I wanted. I bought some pink spray paint to cover the evergreen fir. I painted three coats on and never completely achieved the look I wanted but decided it would suffice. Here's my pink Valentine tree. What's missing are pink fingers with burnt tips from hot glue. Ha ha! Let's just say I have some really raw hands at the moment. Oh well. All in good fun! My DD loves this tree so that in of it self was good to hear! Thank you for coming by!!

Front of tree:

Back of tree:

Close Up:

Another close up:


arlsmom aka Lynda

Totally cute Amy!!! Thanks for taking my challenge!!


Love the effect you got with the pink paint fir tips...gorgeous little tree!

Diva Scrapper

I think it's just adorable. Great job!

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