Still Hurts

Yeah it does and I don't like to admit but probably will haunt me forever. The thing that keeps me so frightened? The... scale. Here's my page on how it still hurts to get on it and see that figure. I can go up and down in my weight but never going to be satisfied with the number I see. Personal demons suck!
This was done from a prompt by Gutter Girlz. Challenge was to use title: Still Hurts, sewing needles/pins, and "I'm Not Ready to Make Nice" by Dixie Chicks. I selected everything except the song to put in my title since it's more about a person than a thing.
Thank you to Gauche Alchemy for the Cosmo Cricket paper and cool ephemera! I won it a while back and I am finally using it!
It takes a crappy picture from far but not about picture pleasing. Just for me. :-)



I appreciate knowing another mother who scrapbooks with a child with autism! Fabulous layout!
Christi Wright


Cool layout and oh my how I feel your pain sister! Hang in there and keep trying that's all we can do.


oh man, i feel your pain!
i hope someday it won't hurt to get on the scale someday too :(

thanks for playing in the gutter!


I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL. Stupid scales. *sigh*
You did an awesome job and I am glad you got to scrap about the subject. THANKS for gettin' in the gutter with us!


Wonderful layout!! Thanks for playing with the Gutter Girlz!

Glenda T.

It sucks as women that we are slaves to the scale doesn't it?? Great page, thanks for playing in the gutter with us!


Your page is WONDERFUL....so many of us can relate!

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