Trick or Treat for Paper Playtime!

Yeah we made it to free candy day!  Anyone rushing out to buy candy for tonight?  I am proud to say I am prepared.  I am hoping for lots of trick or treaters.  Plus, I recently replaced my door bell so it'll be safe to use that button again.  I had the original one that came when I bought my house.  It was decayed in the middle and people were literally frightened to push it because the light was exposed on it.  Let me just note that being married to an electrical engineer does not mean he willing fixes electrical items around the house.  That was a squabble.  I bought the new fixture and tried to get the old one off with much sweat.  It didn't want to come off.  I guess he knew he was headed to the big green bin.  Noticed I made it a "he"  ;-)  anyhow, DH was forced to fix because it was not secured and we were looking rather ghetto like with the broken door bell.  It was kinda embarrassing.  Not really a kinda-it was for sure embarrassing.  Don't even get me started on the dead fir tree in the planters.  Ugh! 
Onto my card.  This week is an anything goes new or old at Paper Playtime. The prize is a $15 gift certificate to the Crop Stop. Maybe it will be a re purposed door bell fixture even?  I wish I saved it to haunt my DH with this evening. Hee hee! 
I used a super cute rat that's well disguised with a mask and some glitter for my card.  A really cool friend sent me a package of these Cricut designs.  I just covered a cardbase with some Authentique and started layering.

I would seriously give this fellow some candy if he rang my doorbell.  I mean he is dressed up and the sparkles would dazzle me.  Winner! 
I hope you will join us for the challenge!  You can link up below.



Hehe...this is soooooo cute! Totally put a smile on my face! Happy Halloween! :)


Had to smile too... love it! I don't like rats but this one...


This is so cute ... I can't help smiling ... fabulous job my friend ... you take care and have a good day


What a super cute card!

Annette Allen

he is so sneaky and cute... Great card..


Pretty much the CUTEST card EVER! LOVE it! I totally understand about certain things to be fixed looking "ghetto"...we have several of those kind of projects around our house. So glad you are all ready for Halloween!

Lynn Stevens

Such a darling card! Love the lil masked mouse.

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