There's a Spider

on  my couch and I won't sit on it till I know it's gone.  Last night, I was catching up on blogs while sitting on said couch when I saw a shadow of something creepy and fast  go by out of the corner of my eye.  I jumped off the couch and turned on the overhead lights to see it scurry to the right arm of  the sofa.  Eeekkkkkk!  My DF (darling fiance)  thinks it's ridiculous that I am frightened of a spider.  I reminded him that I was bit less than two months ago by a spider and the scar is there to prove.  It was not a joyous event.  I was achy and the bite swelled up to the size of an egg.  It was itchy.  Shudder.  Pure disgusting!  Anyone else think spiders are not cool inside your house?  I am freaked out.  I happened to have the slipcover to the sofa in the washer so it was not tainted with it's ickiness.  I know it's a tad extreme but I prefer to know the tenants in my household.  Needless to say, I have NOT sat on that couch today because I am petrified it will come out.  It probably is long gone.  I am checking every place I sit or  sleep in the mean time. 
I want to thank everyone for the well wishes and thoughts on Thursday.  As mentioned, funeral or memorial services are never a "fun" event to attend.  I went to support my daughter and my ex husband.  His father was very ill and although he had a medical directive requesting to be taken off of life support, it's not easy to let a loved one go. My prayers and thoughts continue for them during this difficult time. 
As mentioned to me, life continues on even when others may not be by our side.  We must be comforted in the thought that they are watching us and we will one day be reacquainted. 
Now for my card because I don't want to be a downer.
This card is for the following challenges:
Card Patterns: #78 sketch
City Crafter Challenges: #18 "Isn't She Lovely"

Supplies used:
cardstock: Recollections
pattern paper and ribbon: Fancy Pants
sticker: SRM
button: Foofala
twine: Martha Stewart  green baker's
ink: Stampin' Up So Saffron
image:craft supply

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This is a gorgeous card - yuk, about the spider!! I'm not a huge fan of the eight leg variety either!


Sorry you were bitten by a spider! No wonder this one scared you!

Love your vintage card!


Gorgeous card! I am on the same page about the spider. I had one in my bed not that long ago and I was totally freaked out. Yuck!

Kirsty Vittetoe

Lovely vintage card, I love the DP and the image!
Sorry to hear about the spider, they freaked me out too!
Thanks for playing along with us at CCCB! Good to have you here!


Gorgeous card. The bow is spectacular; love it!
I hope the spider is gone; I am not frightened by them but I can understand how you feel. Being bitten by a spider; ahhh. Not funny ; I would react the same if I was in your situation....

Enjoy your day!


What?! You're still living in a house WITH a spider??! :)

You card looks beautiful, so elgant!!

Sweet greetings,
Saskia :)


What a wonderful card. It has a shabby vibe to it.. Thanks for playing along with us at CCCB!


Look at my blog....; I passed this award on to you!

Enjioy your day!


Gorgeous card!!!I am the same way about Spiders as well.


Your card is absolutely fabulous!! I would definitely be afraid of said spider...esp. after your past experience! yikes!

Heather Rogers

Such a lovely card. Is that image of a woman someone you know or just a random web image? She is beautiful sitting in her chair. :)
I don't like spiders either. I don't blame you. Get some Ortho Home Defense. When we lived in Iowa we always had them in the basement. It rained a lot there and the basement is the perfrect hiding spot. Spray it inside and out like is says to. It works amazingly. Better than a professional spray.


Ohhhh Amy, what a gorgeous card!! LOVE IT!
{oh, and I'm totally with you on the creepy spiders thing... I act the same way when I see one!!!} Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, I always appreciate your comments :) Have a GREAT day!!

Mona Pendleton

Very pretty card Amy! I'm not a spider fan either :(


Lovely vintage looking card ... Thanks so much for joining us at CCCB


Gorgeous card!! I agree with you on the spiders...blech!!!


Beautiful card Amy. I love the frame and the stitching! I'm with you on spiders, living in Florida, they can make you very ill and can even be deadly! When we first had our house built there was a "horse spider" that was carrying an egg sack, I didn't know what it was and swatted it with a rolled up newspaper, there were MILLIONS of babies EVERYWHERE. You never seen anyone move so fast to get the bug spray! How thoughtful of you to support your daughter and exhusband on the passing of his dad. Losing a loved one is never easy.

Colleen Dietrich

Spiders are a scary thing, with bites worse than a mosquito's (sometimes). So, I understand your fear!

Your card is a pretty vintage one; congrats on being mentioned as a fave!


eeeks!!!!I hate spiders to!!!Yuk......
Your card is `Gorgeous` Amy!!!

Congrats on your card at 2s4y!!!Whoot Whoot Soooo deserving for sure!!!!

Have a fab Evening:)x


I hate spiders!!! SO I understand you fully! Your card is beautiful! Thanks for playing along with Card Patterns this week!

Anitra Cameron

That card is so lovely. I'm glad you posted it After the spider story, or I'd still be shuddering! I wouldn't sit there, either. aack.

Nathalia Castellon

Beautiful card from a woman who has a beautiful and caring heart! I know your support was seen and appreciated. Stay strong and true to yourself! And as for the spiders, last week we had several make their way into my home only to pass out and die from heat exhaustion. Did I gross you out enough?! lol


wow this is an amazing project, thanks for ljoining us at Creatalicious.
Hugs Kaylou xoxo

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