So much sadness

Yesterday was not an easy day. Simon's dog, Ebony, a 19 year old black lab mix, was put to sleep after discovering there was no cure for her ailment. She fell down the stairs Monday evening and was in tremendous pain. Simon took her to the vet and discovered that her fibula bone on the back right leg was worn down and the only thing connecting it to the femur was an implant she had over 10 years ago. She was not able to apply any weight to the leg and was having difficulty getting up and down. The other leg also had an implant and the bone was deteriorated as well. The only option was amputation but then she would be immobile and if you knew Ebony, it was not her style. She was angry at Simon and I for trying to help her these past few months to get up. It was a horrible scenario and my heart broke every time I saw her struggling to rise. She must have been in so much pain. Poor Simon is beside himself with sadness. She followed him everywhere. If he left the room, she was right behind him. :-(

So today no cards to share. I made this recycled mini album a bit ago and thought it would be a cute album of Ebony and her dog door. She was always sticking her head out and looking around to see what was going on. She came and went as she liked throughout the day. She enjoyed walking around in the yard each day. She followed the length of the fence sniffing and investigating the grounds. I would watch her from the kitchen window wandering around the yard. Sometimes she would look up at me watching her and our eyes met for a few seconds. Just so sad that I won't see her walking around the backyard anymore. Only in my memories.

Below is the mini album I made of her and the dog door. I finally printed the pictures and completed the album recently and as an ode to Ebony, I am sharing it tonight.

Sorry these first few shots are blurry.

Rest in peace Ebony.



Oh, I am sorry to hear your sad news. I think making the album to remember her by is a great idea.


So sorry about your dog! I love the little album you made to remember him! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog too! :)


i'm very sorry to hear about Ebony. the album you made is a lovely remembrance.


Oh sweetie I'm sorry to hear about Ebony. We love out pets so much it's hard to watch them suffer and harder to make that type of decision. My heart goes out to you and Simon.

Hugs and squishes


sorry to hear about dog...its hard to watch our pets suffering
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