I'm back and it's WCMD!

Wow! Amazing how being away for six days without a computer leaves one in the dark! I was frantically trying to get my DT work for MMFY uploaded on the site, catch up on emails, update resume for a quick job interview, and of course see my DD!
We made it to Jamaica with no police station visits(just a roadblock-routine stop with your usual automatic weapons), no cell phone's held hostage, and no luggage debacle (except on the way home). All in all, pretty good for Simon and I. Seeing as every time we travel we have some dilemma.
We did have a very interesting conversation with a young lady at the resort that seemed fixated on getting stretch marks removed. Despite the fact that Simon and I never declared ourselves as cosmetology specialists, she quizzed us on procedures, creams, etc. LOL! I was like honey, once they are there, not much you can do.
Best moment was a fellow from England ordered a few drinks and I asked Simon where his accent originated. He said Australia. I of course challenged this and he was wrong! Bah aha ha ha! He was from Birmingham. Simon sounded like a southerner in the states compared to him. It was pretty funny to hear them exchange words. The fellow totally belittled Simon for being from Sheffield and then on me for drinking a Mojito. Hmmm. Seems the Brits think this is proper conversation.
Anyhow...wanted to share this picture with you of Simon and I on our last night there. We finally look a little tan in it. :-)

and on to WCMD! Yeah finally here and there are tons of sites offering challenges and prizes, but not me. Nope, not a blog candy roller. Sorry! I do eye candy but no touching! Ha ha!

Here's a few things from DT work at MMFY this month which features the Making Memories Passport line.
The first is a card:

This is an altered index card mini album I made to put some of pictures in from Jamaica:



Glad to see you survived you rtrip with no incidents!! Lovely cards!!

Christine (All She Crafts)

Quote: "Seems the Brits think this is proper conversation."

Not all Brits are that rude, just as I know that not all Americans are patronising.


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