He's my shepherd that came to show me

Today while driving J to her piano lesson, I had a complete idiot driver in front of me that tried to bang a U after making a left hand turn. I was also making a left hand turn directly behind him. He pulls to the right shoulder and stops but then pulls out again in a rush. I beeped at him in frustration and he decided to turn his hazards on and stop in the middle of the road. Seriously. Came to a complete stop with hazards on and sat there and put his hands in the air to me like oh well. All because I beeped. Did I need to do this? I have to ponder my action. What happened to my patience? Anyone else out there have it? I clearly lost it. I dated this guy once that was freaking calm about everything. He said trust in the lord, he's driving. Okay, I believe that. But, I was unable to abide by it. Now, granted when I did see this "calm" guy totally lose it over a facility not taking an AMEX card I was completely scared. I mean terrified that he was going to give that guy behind the counter a knuckle dent in the head.
Here I am trying to deal with my feelings of truth about this lack of patience I have lately. Definitely not happy to expose them to all, but I almost feel like I need to because that may be the only way I can ever change it. I offer a humble apology to those I have shown such deliberate annoyance with. I have a DF that assures me I am perfectly human and not out of the norm. Thank goodness for you honey. You must be God's Shepherd that came to show me the way. The way to leave things alone. Without you I would not be able to shed the past/perfection I seek and crave. My heart and mind are at ease with you. Thanks for holding my head up when I didn't have the strength to do so. You are amazing. Which brings me to my card for the day. I made this for Simon. I know it's got a huge flower on it! He doesn't care, do ya babe? ;-) BTW Si's pretty calm but man when he loses it-watch out!



I am doing a color challenge over on my blog. I hope you pop by and check it out!


Thank you hun, it's beautiful. Love you too!


Wow! Love the colors and patterns on this! SO pretty! :D

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