Hey there!   Here's a card I created for Vintage Street Market.  
I used Marshall Matthew from Family Fun  to cover my card base.  Next I trimmed a panel of vintage dictionary paper and punched four holes on the right side.  I tucked a piece of Maggie Jane also from Family Fun behind it for color.  I made a pennant with Meghan Kay paper and tucked under the dictionary print and stapled a ticket from Aqua Twirly Twine to attach.
I cut the little girl from Party Games and used foam dots to adhere to card front.  Next I stapled a ticket from Party Games.   I tied a bow with the Aqua Twirly Twine and used washi tape a red paper clip to complete.
I hope you like!  Thanks for stopping by!

Items used:


Julie Tucker-Wolek

This is ADORABLE!!! I love love love love love the colors and the book page!!!!!


Great card, love it!

Ros Crawford

Terrific! brilliantly put together ...


Oh so very pretty! Love all of the different papers! :)


Love all the vintage looking elements you combined for this super fun card :)

Tenia Nelson

Super fun!!!


Your card is just so cute. The book page in the background is the perfect touch. I hope you are enjoying your weekend.


Audrey Pettit

OMGoodness, what a cutie pie card! LOVE!

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