Secret Santa Soiree swap

What a delight it was to receive my Secret Santa Soiree package yesterday! This was a swap I joined a few months back oragnized by Amy and Georgie. I was so busy last night with Jacquelynn's chorale concert, I did not have time to open it up. However, I did today and in my excitement...I forgot to take a before picture of my presents wrapped. I did get an "after" picture with the wrap off. :-) Does that count? Anyhow...
Look at what my SS sent me! I am so excited to use the new Stabilo's! A set of 25 colors! I desperately needed some markers to fill in digital and stamp images. The notepad and mini cards are always appreciated because I write little notes for family and friends. Thank you SS! I love everything!

Here's the pile of Christmas wrapping paper:
And being the bad blogger that I am, I failed to share the awesome organizer she made for me and sent a few weeks back. She even personalized it with my intial and used my favorite colors! Oh joy!

Thank you Secret Santa! You completely made my day!!! A huge thank you to Georgie and Amy for organizing this swap (there were 109 participants) and making it so fantastic!


Crazee Juls

super cute stuff you got! :)


wow you really got some very nice items! So glad you enjoyed yourself

Calia Yang

ooh!!! GREAT GOODIES!!!! ^_^ Enjoy them!


WOW!! You are so scored!

Kristin - The Goat

WOW! You got two packages! But most of all, you got markers!! drool :)

Kristin - The Goat


Ooo next year I want someone to send me an organizer! Actually I need one ASAP! Merry Christmas!


Hi Amy! I am your SS! :) I am so glad you enjoyed your gift!! Have a Merry Christmas!!

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