Pink Elephant Joy

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and for those that don't celebrate this holiday, hoping you had a relaxing day. Our family had the usual feast and it was pure craziness for two days but seems to have settled down now.
My daughter made me a present that I wanted to share. I think it is ever so cute! In the past, she has made finger pots that I have sitting out for display and absolutely cherish. I love getting anything she creates. This year she made me an elephant.

By far my favorite tangible item I received from the holiday.

Now that I am back home, I was able to do some re purposing. I suppose it could be considered recycling as well. I started with a cracker(popper) that my Mother buys every year for the family. Although we are not British, we have picked up the tradition of the Christmas crackers and this years was filled with really cool toys! The most exciting thing for me was the beautiful paper it was created from. It had a leaf pattern with outlines in red glitter. I saved mine and made a card challenge for Let's Scrap.



Beautiful card!!!! And the elephant is wonderful!!!! So cute! Glad you had an enjoyably crazy holiday!!!

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