Willy Wonka

I am so excited to see my niece perform tonight as Violet in Willy Wonka. She loves performing and has a wonderful voice. The entire family is going for opening night. This is her second play with Piped Piper. She will perform in Alice in Wonderland next. She has been rehearsing for both plays the past few weeks. For an 11 year old, that's a plate load!

As for me, I got the new paperline "Life at the Pole" by Sass Lass and was able to play with them last night. Once I start workng with the papers I find they are easier than I thought.
This is a gift bag, card, and tag.



Congrats to your talented niece! Wonderful projects!!


Great looking projects Amy!

Calia Yang

So happy that your niece is in the play! And these are just too darling!! loving your creativity w/ the "life at the pole" paper line.


Wow....love this set!! You really made those papers look irresistable!!

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