Di Hickman's challenge and part 2 of ending my bad relationship

I am on a roll. :-) Loving the challenges. This one I made fairly quickly this morning prior to getting the second part life change. I read that most women get their haircut after a bad relationship. Well, I will have to admit that teaching was a huge part of my life, in fact, it took over my life for several months. So ending that disastrous relationship made me want to purge bad habits of working 10 hour days with little or no care to my personal appearance. Now, I am six inches shorter, my hair that is and feel better than ever! Whew! Part three soon to come! Stay tuned!



love the use of the buttons, especially the one tied with a bow, a vibrant and fun card :)


Great card - I'm a big fan of pink and black together :)


Well written article.

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