What happened to Rebecca Sower?

I am still full of energy so I have a few pieces to share with you. The temperature has dropped in our area and we had a beautiful 85 degrees today! It was windy when I left work but it felt very nice. So happy when the weather is this delightful! I am trying to fight the urge to buy new paper. I am attending the Great American Scrapbook Convention on Friday and I know my wallet will be burning hot there. As much as I try and persuade myself to use what I have, it's really hard when you see the new products and most people are using them. Yesterday's card had a flashback four years (or more) with the Rebecca Sower coin ties. I liked her line but it's sadly gone.

I googled her and found she does have a blog:http://rebeccasowertypepad.com/. She has some gorgeous art in different mediums. I love the hankie shirt she put together! I highly recommend checking her site out. It's good to know she is still creating. She does have an Etsy store too. I have no affiliation to her, just really appreciate her creativity.

SO the first picture is a bird card I made with leftover papers. I am desperate to get that stack reduced before Friday. Which, kinda keeps me on track with the next picture. It's a box I made for my MM pal Pam. I have not overloaded it with bling yet. Temptation is there. I am stepping back and then will reassess. Thanks for visiting my site and I do read all comments. Thank you for taking the time to do so.



Hi Amy Thanks for the email. WOW your blog is amazing!!!! When do you find the time? I am so out of the loop..... Please forgive my blog... can't wait of the swap!!!


Hi Amy, WOW when do you find the time? Your blog is amazing! I am so out of the loop..... Favorite things swap can't wait. Thanks for your email.

Cardmaking Galore

These are so cute - i love the colour scheme


I love Rebecca Sower; I visit her blog all the time!

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