Hmm- choices, choices, choices

First let me scream- Happy Friday! Yahoo! Choices. The choices we make may not always be the best ones but just know you have to live with what you decide. Okay, I had some choices to make when I got home from work. Such as cut the grass, watch a movie, or open my bottle of Hob Nob Pinot Noir. Now, I was seriously head diving at my desk today. Just could not stay focused or awake for that matter. It seems I am forever multitasking. Who doesn't these days? I thought that the best choice would be for me to kill to birds with one stone. I selected to open that bottle of pinot and watch a movie. Clearly cutting the grass and drinking wine would not mix too well. Besides, drinking pinot from a wine glass would not be possible while pushing a mower and a squirt bottle was not an option. Also, it's never wise to mix alcohol and motorized equipment.

I fell asleep after a glass and now my lawn awaits me. The choice I made. Here's my grass currently. I kinda like the flowers growing. Albeit my neighbors do not. Oh well. There's always tomorrow. I have one card to share. It's a stamp I bought years ago and had actually forgotten about. I used vintage lace on this card and a sheet of music that Jessi (thank you!) sent me. The rub on is 7 Gypsies. Thanks for popping in today. I know that was a long rant.


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